Included among our many comprehensive services are:

·         Heritage buildings conservation management

·         Heritage asset management

·         Cultural heritage landscape assessment and identification

·         Conservation of traditional building materials

·         Heritage property project management

·         Restoration and renovation projects

·         Heritage site work processes and due diligence

·         Development of adaptive re-use projects 

·         Maintenance facilities planning

·         Advocacy, consulting, workshop facilitation (Local Government, community).


CMP & Associates specialize in the provision of advice in all areas of heritage and historic fields. We are aware that heritage is often a confusing and intractable problem for our clients.  Hence we offer our years of practical experience, understanding of commercial imperatives, and our professional expertise to resolve this fields issues and produce successful outcomes. We are a highly experienced team with qualifications in a variety of disciplines including; heritage management, historic archaeology (non-indigenous), conservation of traditional building materials, landscape assessment, town planning, environmental sciences, architecture, and conservation architecture.  This enables CMP & Associates to provide accurate and strategic advice to our clients.

With over 30 years’ experience within the heritage and historic fields we have carried out a wide range of projects including:

·         Cultural heritage studies of various shires, towns, extant settlements, transport systems and pastoral homestead complexes.

·         Adaptive re-use of large and small former public buildings including post offices, hotels, hospitals, churches and court houses.

·         Conservation management plans for restoration, renovation and maintenance works have included a vast range of properties from the humble to the grand.

NOTE: These projects are enlarged upon in case studies (available on request) and in the various sections of this web site. 

Although situated in South East Queensland, our range of experience extends across all of the regional areas of the State, south into New South Wales, and we have worked in Tasmania, Victoria, and internationally. 

For a full range of our work please contact us.

Clients have included:

·         Local Governments

·         Environmental Protection Agency (Department of Environmental & Heritage Protection)

·         Department of Main Roads

·         Architects & Engineers

·         Town Planners

·         Archaeologists

·         Private property owners

·         Developers

·         Community Groups

·         Planning Lawyers

·         Cultural Tourism Consultants

·         Religious Organizations