Community acceptance, achieved through appropriate information and involvement processes is a key to the successful outcome for many projects and programs.  Depending on the complexities and issues associated with a project the consultation strategies may range from large community interest group workshops/meetings/ conferences to individual meetings with stakeholders.

At CMP & Associates we are experienced in consultative processes. We are able to act in an advocacy role to assist in the fulfilment of the project objectives. CMP Consultants will represent our clients in discussions with stakeholders, Local Council Planning Officers, Department of Environment & Resource Management, Heritage Branch, architects, tradespersons and other interest groups or individuals. 

CMP & Associates has developed and managed community consultation programs with all relevant stakeholders on large and sensitive cultural heritage studies, specific site developments to ensure all parties are appropriately briefed and informed on issues to avoid or limit any impact.

CMP & Associates has been involved with the preparation and staging of relevant local government representatives, to establish the significant information forums.

  • Conservation workshops for community groups or tradespersons.
  • Community information sessions.
  • Flyers, brochures and posters.
  • Media releases and interviews

Recent community based consultative programs have included:

  • Community information workshops as part of the preparation of cultural heritage register for Local Government areas.
  • Components include focus groups, community attitudes and values.
  • A series of information bulletins, publicity, surveys and workshops around the region.
  • Share holder building on the outcomes
  • Restoration workshop for Heritage Community Groups.
  • Cambanoora Gorge Management Group, Killarney Queensland
  • The Friends of Felton Community Group, Felton Queensland
  • Juandah Heritage Society, Wandoan.
  • The Gorman’s Gap Track Management Committee.
  • Restoration Workshop, Jessie Taylor’s Cottage Management Committee, Murphy’s Creek.

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